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Handmade fish-shaped trinket, made from a piece of olive  tree, is to be a nice accessory for your keys. It can be also an exclusive present for you close relation. Available size are 73x25x8 mm. The product is finished with oil-wax Biofa. Lead-time is within 4 days. All details you can discuss with the craftsman

Dear customers!  Thank you for visiting our website and choosing our one of a  kind handmade product you will enjoy for many years to come.Please be advise that most pieces in our catalogue have  been sold. We will use our best skills and craftsmanship ‎to replicate the pieces as close as possible to the original. Every piece we make is exquisite and unique, therefore no two items will be exactly the same.   After order been completed,  ( see time frame above) ,we will send you a picture  of the finished product and only after your approval we will ship your product to your address. Thank you. 

15,00 €

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