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Simple wooden handmade figures produced from pine timber will definitely be a nice gift for your child. Finished with ecological natural oils for wood. The option without any finishing for further painting or other type of decoration is also available. You just need to contact us for details. Production time should not exceed 3 days.

Available figures:

PR-001  DOG  75x85x15 mm.

PR-002  DINO  95x70x15 mm.

PR-003  RINO  120x55x15 mm.

PR-004  PINGUIN  90x52x15 mm.

PR-005  FISH 105x80x15 mm.

PR-006  TORTLE  105x80x15 mm.

PR-007  ANGELO  105x70x15 mm.

PR-008  HORS  95x85x15 mm.

PR-009  BUNNY 95x68x15 mm.

PR-010  TEDDY-BEAR  93x73x15 mm.

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