Wooden necklace "Mandala"

AM - 147

New product

Wood necklace in another engraving with 2 sides Mandala / Mantra with adjustable cotton thread. Finishing with natural wood oil. Measures 59 x 52 x 8 mm. Your order will be completed within 4-6 business days.For more information about the article you can fill in the contact form (we will reply to you as soon as possible) or by contacting the workshop by phone number located at the bottom of the page.

Dear customers!  Thank you for visiting our website and choosing our one of a  kind handmade product you will enjoy for many years to come.Please be advise that most pieces in our catalogue have  been sold. We will use our best skills and craftsmanship ‎to replicate the pieces as close as possible to the original. Every piece we make is exquisite and unique, therefore no two items will be exactly the same.   After order been completed,  ( see time frame above) ,we will send you a picture  of the finished product and only after your approval we will ship your product to your address. Thank you. 


10,00 €