Terms and conditions of sale





These general conditions of sale are agreed between the WWW.ARTE-MADEIRA.COM.PT - situada at Rua Dr. Manuel Paula Ventura 25 - 8700-236 Olhão - Portugal, and any individual or company who buy through the web site www.arte-madeira.com.pt, hereinafter referred to as "User".




1. These general conditions of sale have to provide and set all the information about ways of ordering, sale, payment and delivery of purchases made at www.arte-madeira.com.pt web site




1. The user can place an order after entering the items into "Shopping Cart".

2. To send an order the User must:

a) Register in www.arte-madeira.com.pt web site, providing for this purpose the information which is requested.

b) Then login (providing a combination of email and password chosen by the user upon registration).

c) Complete the information and choose the options that are available throughout the process (delivery and billing addresses, methods of payment and shipping). 

3. Shipping means that User accepts the price and description of products available for sale, as well as the present contract.

4. www.arte-madeira.com.pt accepts the orders received online up to the limit of available stocks. In case of the product shortage, www.arte-madeira.com.pt is to inform the user as soon as the product can be available (eight days maximum).





1. Delivery of ordered items is made by mail CTT Portugal.

2. www.arte-madeira.com.pt delivers the ordered items as soon as possible. Delivery time includes the production time plus the lead time (delivery time) which are pointed out in working days. Also User should take into account that the time can slightly vary, nevertheless www.arte-madeira.com.pt always tries to do its best to meets deadlines. Meantime the site cannot be responsible for any inconvenience or damage relating to any breach. However, the maximum delivery time is 15 days, with the exception of any agreement between the www.arte-madeira.com.pt and User.


3. To follow up an order in progress, the User can send e mail. The email address is: yurygudkov@hotmail.com or contact by phone: +351964785057 from 10h to 18h00, Monday to Friday. To estimate the total time to the receipt of an order, the user must take into account that the starting point of processing is the date of payment or of a debit authorization.



1. www.arte-madeira.com.pt proposes to Users the following methods of payment:

a) Bank Transfer:

Should the User choose to pay by bank transfer, consider the following account:


New Bank

Galina Goudkova

Account 0002 2828 0286

NIB 0007 0000 00228280286 23

IBAN PT50 0007 0000 0022 8280 2862 3


b) by ATM




1. Prices are pointed out in Euros without taxes and fees.


2. In case of any change in prices the website takes responsibility to inform about that at the time of purchasing.

3. The price you see on "shopping cart" always match the current price, but only are valid while visible on the web site in a refreshed page. The existent price is guaranteed just in case when the order is properly  registered.


The www.arte-madeira.com.pt may issue invoices-receipt which is available as an electronic version, as well as a hard copy (sending inside the package with order)




1. All the information relating to promotions can be available on the website www.arte-madeira.com.pt Promotional prices appear in the product description. To get a reduced price, just put a product into the basket and issue an order. The payment is to be issued the price with the discount at the order completion date.

2. Keeping a product in the "shopping basket" does not guarantee the price or discount.



1. Any product purchased in www.arte-madeira.com.pt website, except the items mentioned in this paragraph, can be exchanged or returned without penalty and without giving any reason. All the claims are to be satisfied within 15 days after an item was delivered. The claim can be made by fax and email.

Fax: +351964785057

E-mail: yurygudkov@hotmail.com


2. The return process is simple, but varies according to the source, so the User has to firstly contact www.arte-madeira.com.pt.


3. www.arte-madeira.com.pt does not accept any returns sent with postage to pay or against payment, pledging to reimburse the User within 30 days of receipt of the returned product.


4. The products can be returned within fifteen days after delivery, in the same condition as it reached the hands of an User and without any damage. Licensed products must have to keep the product authenticity guarantee seal.


5. If the value of an item does not meet price policy (the price of ordered item is higher than the initial value), the user will have to pay the difference using one of the available forms of payment in Article 4.


6. In its turn, if the value of an order item is less than the initial value of the same, or if the return, the User can choose one of the following forms of overpaid amount of the refund:

a) Credit Card valid for use in the future for making purchases in www.arte-madeira.com.pt site; or

b) Refund by bank transfer to account indicated. Items sent free of charge, in the form of gifts or bonuses will not be reimbursed.

7. Where the items ordered have been made according to the user's specifications, customizing them, following the possibility provided in the online store, you cannot use the right to return or exchange referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, unless in the case if faulty articles have a manufacturing defect.




The User can send their complaints to www.arte-madeira.com.pt email: yurygudkov@hotmail.com, or by phone +351964785057.




1. www.goiva.com.pt cannot be held liable for breach of contract, on the one hand, in case of force majeure, particularly in the event of disturbance of public order or total or partial strike, including postal services and means of transport or communications, or conversely, in the event of the fault to the client.

2. www.arte-madeira.com.pt is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused to the user by using the Internet network, such as service interruption, external intrusion, anomalies caused by computer viruses or any other situation that it be others.

3. www.arte-madeira.com.pt cannot be responsible for the consequences resulting from the misuse of products sold on the website.



You authorize www.arte-madeira.com.pt the automated treatment of personal data provided by the purchase order. Read our Privacy Policy.





1. The User has the choice to get or not to get advertisements. Therefore,  www.arte-madeira.com.pt web site may at any time change its policy relating to the matter.


2. The only one purpose of our advertising is to inform the User about new products or promotions.




1. All content of www.arte-madeira.com.pt web site is the intellectual property of Yury Gudkov and must not be copied or reproduced. 

2. The owner of a Website must be informed and is to be asked for permission by anyone who intends to place any information on the website for personal use.

3. Finally, the authorization does not presume a tacit agreement of partnership.



The Parties agree that the computerized records kept in the computer systems of www.goiva.com.pt safely, will proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties.




1. Any contractual relationship established through www.arte-madeira.com.pt is a subject of the Portuguese law. 

2. To solve any conflict which may arrise from this contract will be competent Court of the Judicial District of CRC Olhão, with express waiver of any other.


www.arte-madeira.com.pt WARRANTY


All products supplied by www.arte-madeira.com.pt are fully covered. If we are unable to ship the ordered product in the promised time, we send it at our expense.



The www.arte-madeira.com.pt will make every effort to ship your goods in the most economical way depending on the delivery date.



Cancellations must be made in written form and approved by www.arte-madeira.com.pt To canceled orders incur charges that have been made by us to the time of cancellation.